Yutaka shop is offering a perfect choice of vegetarian and vegan items such as Tofu, Miso paste, Konjac noodles and Kimchi. You can also explore vegetable and fruit products for cooking Japanese dishes here.

Plant Based Products, Vegetables & Fruit Category
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  • Yutaka Wasabi Paste 43g
  • Yutaka Premium Wasabi Paste with Bits 42g *BEST BEFORE DATE - 02/03/2024
  • Yutaka Wasabi Powder S-07 1kg
    • Bulk Discount
  • Kinjirushi Kona Wasabits AR-1 -Powdered Horseradish 1kg
  • Wasabi Sachets 500x1.5g
  • Kinjirushi Freshly Grated Wasabi Sachets RW-22 200x2.5g
    • Bulk Discount
  • Kinjirushi Nama Oroshi Wasabi R-1 200g
    • Frozen
  • Kinjirushi Oroshi Nama Wasabi RCE300 300g
    • Frozen
  • Kinjirushi Kizami Wasabi - Shredded Wasabi In Soy Sauce 250g
    • Frozen
  • Kinjirushi Oroshi Honwasabi No Artificial Colour FS-208 200g
    • Frozen
  • Kinjirushi Hokkaido Wasabi 43g
  • Kinjirushi Grated Wasabi 120g
  • Kinjirushi Grated Wasabi 43g
  • Kinjirushi Powdered Horseradish 25g