We support all athletes!

We have listed a range of ingredients that will assist you in creating a healthy diet and in leading an active lifestyle. This includes high-protein, low-calorie tofu and buckwheat noodles, edamame noodles, and shirataki noodles that are ideal for sugar-restricted diets.

We support all athletes!
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  • Takara Chu-Hi Mixed Set
  • Yutaka Soba Noodles 250g
  • Yutaka Organic Edamame Noodles 200g
  • Yutaka Organic Soybean Noodles 200g
  • Yutaka Frozen Miso Ramen for Two 333g
    • Frozen
  • Monkfish Liver - Ankimo 220g
    • Frozen
  • Katagi Nerigoma Shiro - White Sesame Paste 500g
  • Sliced Dried Winter Shiitake Mushrooms 500g
  • Yutaka Gluten Free & Organic Konjac Noodles (CN-BIO-140) 313g *BEST BEFORE DATE - 05/3/2023