Unveiling the Charms of Japanese Rice: Easily Attainable in the UK

Living in the UK, you might have noticed the increasing internationalization and the growth of Japanese restaurants. Hasn't this led to more opportunities for you to enjoy rice?

Discovering the charms of rice in restaurants might have sparked a desire to enjoy delicious rice at home as well. Supermarkets offer a variety of rice types, making it challenging to decide which one to choose. Have you ever found yourself feeling undecided?

In this article, we will introduce you to some popular varieties of rice. Feel free to use it as a helpful guide.


■ Varieties of Japanese Rice

In fact, there are approximately 1,000 registered varieties of Japanese rice (as of April 2023). Out of these, around 320 varieties are extensively cultivated for consumption as a staple food (source: https://www.komenet.jp/faq/sc59.pdf ). The diversity of rice varieties is truly astonishing. It's natural to feel overwhelmed when faced with such a vast selection.

 In this post, we will introduce some of the Japanese rice varieties commonly found in the UK and those perfect for those looking to try something new.


■ Easily Accessible Rice Varieties in the UK

 ・ Koshihikari

Toyama Koshihikari Rice 5kg

Koshihikari is a well-known Japanese rice variety.

The charm of Koshihikari lies in its sweetness. As you chew, the sweetness gradually envelops your palate. Its cooked grains boast a glossy appearance and a delightful fragrance, coupled with a robust umami flavour that makes it delectable on its own. Noteworthy is its resilient and chewy texture, with each grain offering a satisfying bite.

What's more, Koshihikari maintains its palatability even when cooled, ensuring a lasting umami experience.

It's no surprise that this variety is not only cherished in Japan but also readily available and enjoyed in the UK. 

The Koshihikari available in our online shop is grown in Toyama Prefecture, benefitting from the cold, fresh meltwater from the Northern Alps' Mt. Washibadake. It is a variety known for its excellent stickiness and sweetness, nurtured by the blessings of nature.

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・Yutaka Sushi Rice

Yutaka Sushi Rice 500g

For those in the UK venturing into home-cooked rice for the first time, we suggest trying Yutaka Sushi Rice. It's an ideal choice for those who might be hesitant to spend a lot on rice initially, as it comes at an affordable price.

Yutaka Sushi Rice is characterized by its firm and plump grains, offering a delightful combination of elasticity and flavour. Despite its name suggesting sushi, it's not limited to that; it's equally recommended for enjoying as plain steamed rice. Moreover, with its sturdy texture, it can be a great choice for crafting delicious fried rice or rice ball.

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■ Conclusion

In this article, we've highlighted rice varieties readily available in the UK. Our Online Shop features a diverse selection of rice options. Explore different varieties to discover your perfect match.

Stay tuned for our next article, where we'll introduce the unique characteristics of premium Japanese rice available for purchase in our Online Shop. Enjoy the anticipation!

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