Elevate Your Meals: A Guide to Premium Japanese Rice in the UK

Have you ever tried Japanese rice in the UK? Those who have experienced its deliciousness are likely captivated by its unique qualities.

With the increasing number of Japanese restaurants in recent years, you may have more opportunities to explore Japanese cuisine. However, visiting a delicious Japanese restaurant every day might be challenging. But here's good news for everyone! You can now easily purchase premium Japanese rice, just like the one served in restaurants. Now, you can enjoy delicious rice anytime you want.

In this article, we'll introduce premium Japanese rice available for purchase in the UK and highlight its features.


■Reasons Why Japanese Rice is Special

In 2013, UNESCO registered "Washoku: Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese" as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, drawing significant attention domestically and internationally. Since then, with the global spread of Japanese cuisine, there has been a growing demand for high-quality rice suitable for Japanese dishes, leading to increased recognition of Japanese rice.

Japanese rice is well-regarded overseas for its excellent taste and high quality. This recognition is a result of continuous efforts in varietal improvements, cultivation techniques, and milling processes over the years. Strict quality control after harvesting also contributes significantly to maintaining the rice's quality.


■Recommended Japanese Rice


Shiga Ohmi Mizukagami - Japanese Rice 2kg

Mizukagami rice is known for its bright and glossy appearance after cooking. With a perfect level of stickiness, it offers a chewy texture and a mild sweetness when bitten. It remains delicious even when cold, making it ideal for onigiri (rice balls) or bento boxes. Additionally, Mizukagami is produced with environmental considerations in mind, with less than 50% of the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in conventional cultivation. It is grown in the beautiful natural environment around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture.

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Niigata Shinnosuke - Japanese Rice 2kg

Shinnosuke rice boasts rich sweetness, umami, and a delightful texture. The first bite reveals a mellow sweetness and depth of umami. With a gentle mouthfeel, Nishinokou is perfect for those who want to enjoy Japanese rice at home. It is also known to deteriorate less during storage compared to other varieties, making it suitable for those who do not consume rice frequently.

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・Yutaka Akitakomachi Rice

Yutaka Premium Akitakomachi Rice 1.5kg

Akitakomachi Rice is harvested from the fertile fields of Akita Prefecture, each grain encapsulates the essence of authentic Japanese flavours. Yutaka AkitaKomachi rice is thoughtfully pre-washed for your convenience and sealed in individual vacuum-packed freshness, ensuring a delightful experience with every bite. Beyond its exquisite taste and texture, this premium rice variety remains flavourful even when served cold, making it a versatile and delicious choice for a myriad of Japanese dishes, from sushi delights to tempting bento boxes.

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We've introduced three recommended Japanese rice varieties this time. Did any of them catch your interest?

If so, you can purchase them at Yutaka Shop online, so give them a try. Enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese rice in the comfort of your home!