Food Loss Reduction Sale

We are implementing measures to reduce food waste by offering products with close expiration dates at discounted prices on our online shop.

Food Loss Reduction Sale
8 products
  • Yutaka Premium Wasabi Paste with Bits 42g *BEST BEFORE DATE - 02/03/2024
  • Itsuki Dried Noodle with Soup Sachet - Yuzu and Soy Sauce Flavour 172g *BEST BEFORE DATE – 13/03/2024
  • DelicaDeli Karashi Takana - Pickled Mustard Leaf 60g (4x15g) *BEST BEFORE DATE – 25/03/2024
  • Yamasa Gluten Free Soy Sauce  500ml *BEST BEFORE DATE - 29/03/2024
  • Hikari Instant Miso Soup with Fried Tofu -Enjuku Aburaage 8pc *BEST BEFORE DATE – 12/04/2024
  • Hikari Instant Miso Soup with Green Onion -Enjuku Naga Negi 8pc *BEST BEFORE DATE – 12/04/2024
  • Ikari Non-Oil Dressing Shoyu Goma Sesame *200ml *BEST BEFORE DATE – 14/04/2024
  • Morita Sukiyaki Warishita  -  Seasoned Sweet Soy Sauce 500ml *BEST BEFORE DATE – 26/04/2024