Non-Food Items

A fine selection of kitchen products are available at Yutaka shop, ranging from quality chopping board to Sushi roll mat to chopsticks. You can try unique non-food items like Bincho charcoal in this category.

    Non-Food Items Category
    22 products
    • Yutaka Genroku Bamboo Chopsticks 100pc
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    • Yutaka Bamboo Chopsticks 20x8pc
    • Bamboo Chopsticks 24cm Carbonised Tensoge 100pcs
    • Yutaka Bamboo Rolling Mat 1pc
    • Bamboo Rolling Mat  -Makisu 1pc
    • Bamboo Sushi Roll Mat 27x27cm 1pc
    • Yutaka Nigiri Sushi Maker (G) - Rice Press Mould 1pc
    • Bamboo Leaf 30-32cm 100pc
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    • Mizobata Paper for Tempura - Tempura Shikishi 100pc
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    • Tennen Sugikaishi/Sugiita -Cedar Paper 15cm 100pc
    • Porcelain Liquor Drinking Set
    • Chopping Board - Cooking Top 102go 500x300x20  AMN-16 / 6-0336-0202
    • Reed Kitchen Paper Medium 2x75pcs
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    • Unicharm Kitchen Sheet - Fresh Master for Vat 250x350mm 50pc
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    • Pichitto -Sheet for Drying Fresh Food 32pc
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    • Grill - Gyomuyou Yakiami Strong 27go 270x240 DST-03 / 6-0689-0602
    • Grill - Tafman AwaseAmi Single 35go 300x350  DTH-02 / 6-0689-0201
    • Scrub Brush Tawashi 2pcs
    • Nishiki Bincho Sumi Charcoal 10Kg
    • Yutaka Bamboo Chopsticks 8pc
    • Shimadamasa Plastic Decoration - Yama Baran 1S 1000pc
    • Ebi Baran No.1 - Plastic Decoration 1000pc