What is the anticipated new variety "Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki"? A delicacy to rival Koshihikari?

Although Japanese rice is said to be delicious, many may not know which rice to choose. This time I would like to introduce you to the deliciousness of Japanese "Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki", which we now sell in our online shop.


As well as Koshihikari and Akita Komachi, which are well known in the UK, Japanese branded rice has recently started to appear in supermarkets and online shops. This time we will focus on Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki.


・What is Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki?

"Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki" is a new variety developed by the National Institute of Agriculture and Food Research Organisation in 2018. It was named "Nijinokirameki (Rainbow Sparkle)" because it has various characteristics like a rainbow and has a shiny finish when cooked.


In recent years, the deterioration of rice quality due to high temperatures caused by global warming has become a problem. In response to this situation, it has been developed as a high-temperature resistant variety.


It is a variety that is expected to be easy to cultivate due to its good eating quality comparable to Koshihikari, about 15% higher yield, resistance to lodging due to its short plant height, and strong resistance to rice diseases (stripe), and its cultivation is spreading.


・Taste and recommended consumption of "Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki"

"Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki" has the same deliciousness as Koshihikari, with each grain being large and satisfying to eat. As the name suggests, it also has a beautiful glossy finish.


With a chewy texture and strong stickiness, it also has a strong sweetness, so it can stand up to richly flavoured side dishes. It is also recommended to be eaten as onigiri to enjoy the flavour of the rice itself.


・Delicious Cooking Method

Step 1:

Soak the rice in cold purified water (500cc, 2 cups), then drain. Starting with purified water is key, as dried rice absorbs water the most.


Step 2:

Stir and rub the rice together 15-20 times, then pour water over it, then drain. Repeat 2 times.


Step 3:

Soak the rice in cold water (500cc) for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Drain, then put the rice into the cooking pan.


・Let's Try It Right Away


I tried cooking "Ubara Rice - Nijinokirameki" in the rice cooker.


The moment I opened the rice cooker, a sweet aroma wafted out. The rice was shiny and lustrous. This sight alone filled me with happiness.


When I stirred the rice, I could feel its stickiness through the rice paddle. Each grain was firm yet fluffy, showcasing the distinct characteristics of Japanese rice. It was hard to wait to taste it.


I served some rice in a bowl and took my first bite immediately. It was delicious! The rice was chewy and springy, and as I chewed, a pleasant sweetness emerged.


It was so good that it reminded me of the rice I used to eat in Japan. Japanese rice truly is incredibly tasty!


I’m thrilled that we can buy this rice for just £23.90. As the person in charge of the online shop, I was so excited that I ordered some for myself right away.


There's no reason not to try this delicious rice. I highly recommend everyone give it a try!