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Yutaka shop displays a fine selection of noodle products such as Ramen, Udon and Soba noodles. You will also find soup base items in our cupboard essentials category.

Noodles Category
18 products
  • Best Planet Sanuki Udon Noodles 250g
  • Itsuki Yude Udon Noodles 3x200g
  • Yutaka Soba Noodles 250g
  • Miura Zao Soba - Buckwheat Noodles 200g
  • Marutsune Cha Soba - Buckwheat Noodles With Green Tea 250g
  • Ishiguro Yamaimo Soba - Buckwheat Noodles 250g
  • Best Planet Sanuki Somen - Wheat Noodles 250g
  • Ibonoito Somen - Wheat Noodles 300g
  • Yutaka Organic Soybean Noodles 200g
  • Yutaka Organic Edamame Noodles 200g
  • Higashi Foods Tonkotsufu Kagoshima Ramen 5x78.5g
  • Higashi Foods Spicy Tonkotsufu Kagoshima Ramen 5x78g
  • Miyakoichi Yakisoba Noodles With Sauce Sachets 3x160g
  • Longkou Vermicelli 250g
  • Itsuki Yude Udon Noodles with Soup Sachet 3pc (627g)
  • Yutaka Wok Ready Yakisoba Noodles 150g
    • Bulk Discount
  • Yutaka Wok Ready Udon Noodles 200g
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  • Yutaka Udon Noodles 250g